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Mission Control For Data Science Teams

Artemis is the modern data science infrastructure. We're changing the way teams document, manage and share their scripts.

The Artemis Effect

Artemis creates interactive documentation for scripts and bundles together your code artifacts, databases and dependencies. This makes sure every script your team writes is reproducible, comprehensible and organized.

Powerful workflow tracing

Trace how your team's projects relate to each other and outside resources.

Easy code collaboration

Streamline code sharing; enable your team to instantly download, set up and run each other's work.

Improve work efficiency

Reduce code redundancy; empower your engineers to more effectively find and reuse old code.

Showcase results

Share your code and showcase your results with ease.

Prevent code and data loss

Track and organize your codebases and dependencies to prevent resources from getting lost.

Enforce code hygiene

Maintain and standardize documentation, organization, and storage practices.


Artemis offers a standardized documentation system that makes it fast and easy to explain your code and showcase runtime artifacts. Simply sprinkle a few of our special in-line comments throughout your code to indicate what static content to generate and runtime variables to capture, and Artemis will run your code and automagically generate this documentation for you.

Inbox user interface


Your team can view and interact with each others' Artemis documentation on our dashboard — one place for your entire team to store links to their scripts alongside datasets and related files. Using the dashboard ensures that code never gets lost or separated from its dependencies and helps engineers avoid redundancy.

Inbox user interface


Any script on the dashboard can be downloaded, set up and launched in a single click with our command-line utility. This makes it fast and easy for your team to put each other's code to work.

Inbox user interface
Inbox user interface

Try Our Live Online Demo

Artemis is so easy to use, we're confident you can learn how in just a few minutes with our live online demo. Interact with our dashboard and explore several examples of interactive documentation to see if we're right for your workflow.

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